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ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Gr2 Oromia Espresso Coffee

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Ethiopia's history is inseparable from that of coffee; scientists today believe that the east-African country is the cradle of the very first species of the coffee plant. Geographically the country offers a wide variety of topography, including the greatest concentration of high-elevation areas in the continent. Since the end of civil war in the 1990s and recognition of Eritrea as an independent state, Ethiopia has been land-locked. Sixty-five percent of the country's coffee land is located in Oromia Regional state. The coffees delivered to the central coffee market from this region are about 150,000 tonne a year. Coffee is produced in 13 zones and 88 districts of the Oromia region. The 88 districts are classified into three, based on the area of coffee land. 25 Districts with above 5000ha of coffee lands are classified as high producing, 18 districts with a coffee land ranging from 2000 - 5000ha are medium and the remainder with a coffee land below 2000ha are classified as low producing districts. In total it is estimated that 328,870ha of land is covered with coffee in Oromia.


Yirgacheffe is known for its distinctive floral and fruity coffees. A combination of superior climatic conditions, wild heirloom varietals and unwavering dedication from producers, make the region perfect for growing coffee. It is world renowned for its clean and sweet cup profiles.


Tasting Notes

Soft lemon flavour and acidity up front. This coffee displays a medium creamy body through to a cocoa/nut finish.


Kaffa, Oromia


1700 - 2050 metres above sea level


Reddish brown, clayey loam